Advanced Makeup Artistry


Tuition: $3,000
Student Kit: $1,250
Lab Fee: $400
Registration Fee: $150*

Total Cost: $4,800
(+ kit tax)

A 150 hour certification program, the Advanced Makeup Artistry course is designed to bring a competitive edge to graduates as they enter the exciting and widely growing industry of makeup.

During the program, students are coached to find their strengths as artists while guided through theoretical courses on marketing and business skills for success. Small class sizes allow students to have direct attention from a variety of instructors who specialize in many realms within the makeup industry.
From clean and precise beauty to dramatic and special effects makeup, students learn to execute these looks in a confident, time-efficient and professional manner.

Based on our research and over 7 years of educating talented and passionate makeup graduates, we feel the future is bright. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, makeup artists in the U.S. earn an average annual salary of nearly $64,000 and hourly average wages of about $30.50 as of 2011.

*Registration Fee is upon acceptance