Lash Extension Certification


  • Tuition: $350
  • Student Kit: (optional)
  • Small: $150
  • Medium: $290
  • Full: $550
  • Registration Fee: $50

  • Total Cost:
  • $400 + optional kit+kit tax
  • .

Acaydia offers individual Eyelash Extension certification to students enrolled in the Basic or Complete Master Aesthetics Program as part of their tuition. It is important to know that the state of Utah requires those who practice lash extensions to be licensed Cosmetologists, Basic Aestheticians, or Master Aestheticians. Because lashes have not always been taught at schools, Acaydia offers the certification to those who hold their Cosmetology License or Aesthetic License from another facility.The lash extension course at Acaydia is strategically outsourced to Chez Lash Company.  A 12 hour, onsite course is broken into several days of hands-on demonstration, safety and sanitation protocols and practice on real clients. The advantage of being educated by a passionate instructor who actually performs lash treatments for a living is necessary as a foundation for successfully mastering the art of lash extensions. Upon completion of the 12-hour course, students will meet several certification challenges to optimize timing and assess professional skill. Upon passing challenges, the student will receive a certification. Optional and lash extension kits are available.

*Registration Fee is upon acceptance