Campus Life

The Acaydia campus is located in the heart of Utah County at the crossroads of University Avenue and Center Street in historic downtown Provo. The safe, cozy neighborhood is home to 150 retail stores and boutiques as well as 39 restaurants, seamlessly blended among professional offices, financial centers, residences and art galleries. In the evenings, the same neighborhood transforms itself into a vibrant nightlife and cultural center satisfying a variety of diverse interests. All within several short blocks, the neighborhood boasts two comedy clubs, the Center Street Musical Theater and the Covey Center for the Arts, along with several dance clubs, live-music venues and popular college hangouts. It is a unique environment that combines urban life with Provo’s charm, generating unparalleled commercial and leisure sidewalk traffic year-round.

“After school, I can jump in my car and be to Sundance Ski Resort within 15 minutes. It’s beautiful here!”
– Jennifer Muldoon

“I love all the little shops and boutiques within walking distance. It’s also so fun to meet the visitors that come to Provo. I have met people from all over the world while attending Acaydia”
– Gia Carter

“Acaydia is located in a great part of town. I attend BYU part-time and Acaydia is located just down the street.”
– Jasmine Veater