Laser Certification


  • Hours: 80
  • Tuition: $2,200
  • Registration Fee: $50

  • Total Cost: $2,250
  • .
  • Acaydia is proud to have a permanent, onsite Laser machine available to students enrolled in the Master Aesthetics or Complete Master Aesthetics program. While many schools rent their machine or pay a retainer fee for a medical professional to bring their machine to the school temporarily, Acaydia believes students need consistent, continual and long-term training to build the confidence necessary to become successful Laser Technicians. Students enrolled in the appropriate aesthetic courses will receive Laser certification as part of their tuition.

    Those who wish to receive Laser certification from Acaydia and are not currently enrolled as a student, must show proof of licensure as a Master Aesthetician or Registered Nurse (or beyond) in the State of Utah to be considered eligible for training.

    The world of Laser hair removal and pigmentation control treatments is ever-evolving. Acaydia believes it is vital that those aspiring to become Laser Technicians are formally trained and confident as they pursue professions in the medical industry.

    Acaydia trains students on-site under the direction of Medical Director, Tricia Chavez, LPN. All appointed instructors are trained and certified by Syneron. Students spend two weeks in theoretical training which will give them a foundation of confidence in terminology; safety operations; regulations; patient documenting; and performing effective treatments. Upon completion of theoretical testing, students are alloted model time to perform treatments on each other or friends and family members.

    Our mission is to combine classroom study with hands-on practice and observation in a clinical setting in order to increase qualifications and confidence.

    The Laser industry has generated great revenue for technicians, creating many job opportunities to fill the demand. Just women alone generated 8.6 million non-surgical cosmetic procedures in 2010. Laser hair removal and skin resurfacing were two of the top six non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in 2010. The investment of becoming a Certified Laser Technician will not only increase your professional capabilities, it will reward you financially as you endeavor on a journey of acquiring skills that are in high demand.